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name frame birthday gifts anniversary gi
Name Frame
Rs. 949
Personalised Photo Frame The I Made It S
The Timeline
Rs. 1099
Girl Boss birthday gifts anniversary gif
Girl Boss
Rs. 949
The Happy Heart red birthday gifts anniv
Happy Heart
Rs. 949
alphabet frame birthday gifts The I Made
Pick a letter
Rs. 949
Frame the Date  Birthday Anniversary gif
Frame the date
Rs. 949
All About You Frame I Made It.jpg
All About You
Rs. 899

Why is it important to have a personalized photo frame?

Photo frames have always commanded unprecedented popularity as gifts. For many, they are the go-to options as far as anniversaries are concerned. Photo frames literally “come to the rescue” of many who are completely clueless about what to gift a friend or colleague or relation, whose place they’re visiting just on a regular day.

Photo Frames are Special!

We, at I Made It, understand that photo frames command a unique significance. It’s not every day that we are gifted moments that become the most cherished memories of our lives. It’s not every day that we get to frame these moments as well. Our photo frames hold our best memories, the people we treasure the most and emotions that transcend mere expressions. And, here is exactly where we step in with our creative wizardry.

We make them More Special!

Personalized photo frames are a significant inclusion in our portfolio. You can take a tour of our website (more precisely our collection of Personalized Frames) just to get an idea about the “scope” of our creative acumen. There are Name Frames, where you can just put a collage of pictures of your loved one bordered by his or her name! Talk about making someone feel special and we can tell you that Name Frames can well be a thoughtful choice.

Our “Frame the date” option is – once again – a simple yet insanely creative way to freeze a special date (be it your birthday or anniversary or any other day for that matter)! Our All About You is another addition to our creative feather.

Get in touch!

If you are looking forward to gifting a custom photo frame to a friend or family – make sure you’re reaching out to us! We love ideating! We love rendering unimaginable yet delightful tweaks to otherwise traditional gifts! We love exploring newer horizons through more and more crazy ideas!  

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