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Lockdown - Friendly Gift Options

With the lockdown set to continue, there are many people who face with the dilemma of how to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries from a distance. There are plenty of worse things happening at the moment, but many of us still want to make our loved ones special days as wonderful as possible, even when we’re unable to celebrate with them physically.

You might have already spent your time brainstorming on how to make someone's day special if their birthday or anniversary is due during this unusual period. Thanks to the digital world, there are plenty of ways to show someone that you're thinking of them without the need to see them in person.

Here are a few creative and fun ways to make sure this one’s a birthday to remember.

1. Virtual house party - You can share screen space with your group of friends and do many in house activities like watch a movie/ T.V. programmes together. Each one of you can have a glass of your favorite juice and gossip on your favorite topic. It'll certainly create some sort of a party atmosphere for your friend's special day. You can even have some slow music in the background to get the feel.

2. Pick a video card - While you might have not cared too much about such creative wishes in the normal times, a video gift message is sure to make a difference. So be it your friend's birthday, mother's day or your anniversary, "I Made It" has come up with video surprises for every such occasion. you can get them customized too. Check them out here -

3. Food - While we’re being encouraged to go to the supermarket as little as possible, having some treats in will make a birthday or anniversary all the more special. And luckily for us, we have food delivery options to give an extra boost for their special days. Delivery of tasty snacks is sure to brighten up someone's mood.

4. Make plans for when the lockdown is over - None of us really knows when things are going to go back to normal, but you can make plans with your bestie or your significant other and reassure them that you'll celebrate once all of this is over.

Celebrating birthdays during lockdown is becoming quite the norm. We hope our ideas help you or someone close to you have the best birthday and celebrate regardless.


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