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Out of the box Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Updated: May 25, 2020

Having an anniversary coming up? Looking for ways to remind your partner how much they mean to you? Also, if this is your first anniversary then it has to be unique and classy. The list below is sure to make your sweetheart smile and are meant for the ones in love.

Every handmade gift is a work of art and there's no better way to tell someone you care. Capturing your memories and treasuring them in the form of gifts is a great way of reliving them after a while. After all, we're a generation that loves taking pictures.

1. Exploding Box -

This box is a burst of memories. It looks like a normal gift box but when you take off the lid, the sides fall apart or like they say explode to reveal the photos, notes and decorations. There are multiple boxes in this and a paper cake in the center of the last box. Imagine the look on their faces, surprised and crying out tears of joy. So buy exploding box for them and make them smile.

2. Doodle Art -

This is something in trend these days. This doodle frame possibly has all the important details revolving around you and your spouses life. So right from the time you met to the time to got married, get your details doodled in a frame.

3. Mr & Mrs Name Frame -

Custom made frames make the best gift. Pictures are like time-machines. When you look at one, you travel back in time and relive that special moment. So instead of keeping these pictures locked away, why not frame them and display as a piece of art?

4. Date Frame -

Spouses shouldn’t have a hard time remembering “special” dates – especially anniversary dates. This frame will make sure it is there to remind them when the date gets near :P.

5. I Love You Scrapbook -

A scrapbook extremely personalized for you and your love with sweet messages and pictures arranged beautifully, would be a great gift for your partner. That too in the shape of a heart.

6. I Love You So Much Card -

Cards are a great way to convey emotions that are otherwise difficult to express but also show that you care. For someone who prefers to keep it simple, greeting cards are a great option.

7. Heart Collage Frame -

This stunning heart collage frame is excellent for framing all those cherished moments of love and romance spent with your partner. The unique collage grid of this frame can accommodate upto 25 pictures. If you have a boring wall in your home that needs a bit of vibrant life, then hang this frame on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting pictures for these enchanting gifts, and surprise your loved ones a burst of beautiful memories.


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