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Personalized Travel Accessories

When travel acts as such an important part of our lives, it is required that we personalize our travel experience. So here we list out travel accessories that are made not just to increase your style quotient but also make your travels far more convenient and helps you keep a track of your belongings while on the go.

1. DIARY - Whether it be to pen down a personal thought, to plan your week ahead, hide your secrets, innermost thoughts and feelings or creative ideas that can change the world, a diary should come in handy.

2. TRAVEL WALLET - Travel wallet makes your travel less of a unorganized hassle and more of stylish organized calm ! You can organize all of your important travel necessities like passport, boarding pass, cards, and cash are in one place.

3. CARD HOLDER - Personalized Card Holder adds a chic look to your business style and can easily hold a good mix of business cards and cash.

4. KEY CHAIN - With even the tiniest keys, comes the biggest responsibilities, whether it be the keys to your car or home !

5. TRAVEL POUCHES - It can be used for a variety of reasons like for storing toiletries, accessories, important mementos or even just your coin collection.

6. HIP FLASK - For the young, wild and free kinds. A wise person once said, ‘There is no wrong time to drink but whenever you do, do it with style.’ This adds little style and that personal touch, to the way you drink.

7. GADGET ORGANIZER - This gadget organizer has space for everything - from your power bank, your phone charger, to your pen drives and even your earphones. All the things that you and your gadgets need to function are now stored in one place.

8. CORD WRAP - In this stressful life, the last thing you need is the additional stress of untangling your earphones. This resourceful accessory is a must-have everyday essential !

9. SUN-GLASS CASE - This is one of the most handy daily essentials for both men and women. It not only protects your sunglasses from dust and scratches but it also makes for a suave style statement.

10. LUGGAGE TAGS - With this minimalistic but super stylish luggage tags, you can add the “oomph factor” to your luggage. Its elegance will make everyone at the airport turn green with jealousy.

11. PASSPORT COVER - It works just like a book jacket and protects your passport from wear and tear. It comes in a range of colors and you can personalized it with names and charms. You can book your passport cover Here.

These travel accessories are always useful and never go out of style.


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