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Valentine Gift Ideas 2021

Aren’t you bored of celebrating your Valentine’s Day in the same clichéd way that you do every year? Don’t you think this Valentine’s Day you should be a little more quirky and funny, instead of just romancing each other on a dinner date?

If yes, then you might have to go a little out of your way to select the most unusual gift to surprise your partner on this special Day. Here are some of the most unique gifts that will make your partner proud of you.

1. Heart Collage Frame - Right from college memories to the first date to travel pictures and all those sweet moments of love spent with your partner can be framed in this heart collage frame.

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2. Exploding Box - When you want that special person in your life to feel extra-special, the one thing you definitely want to do is express yourself with a gift that stands apart. This exploding box with hearts popping out will do its magic while you get to enjoy all the love she'll shower after that.

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3. Bonfire on the beach - What could be more romantic than a night under the stars! You can spend some quality time with your significant other with this inexpensive surprise.

4. Long drive - A long drive with your favorite songs playing would be a romantic option. You can keep a gift on the dash board or consider giving one gift after every 1 hour.

5. Reasons Why I Love You - This will bring a million smile to the special one in your life. It is filled with 100 sweet, funny and romantic reasons.

Find it here - I Made It

6. A handmade charcoal sketch - One appreciates handmade gifts more than the ones from a shop. Be it a single sketch or a couple sketch, this will be one of the most beautiful gifts one has ever received in their lives.

7. Chocolates - Don't settle for mass produced chocolate because the love of your life deserves better. Consider expressing yourself with some delicious custom -made chocolates of various flavors .

8. Flowers in heart shaped box - For centuries heart and flowers are perceived as a great symbol of romance and love. These are special than just a normal bouquet. You can go for the traditional roses or gorgeous tulips or any other flowers of their choice.

9. Name a star - A named star is the perfect Valentine's Day gift: It will remain in the sky forever, making this Valentine's Day special among others and reminding you and your loved one of it whenever you look up during a beautiful, starry night.

10. Customized Calendar - Choose images that remind you of special moments spent together as a couple - vacations, holidays, selfies and date nights. Be sure to include loving quotes to personalize each month of your calendar.


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