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You and me are us
Rs. 249
Partner in crime
Rs. 249
Rs. 249
Sunshine of my life
Rs. 249
Strongest brother
Rs. 249
Rs. 249
Friends who slay together
Rs. 249
You arethe source of my joy
Rs. 249
Gattu boy
Rs. 249
Rs. 249
My gang
Rs. 249
Masti wala yaar
Rs. 249
Rs. 249
Next to you is my favourite place
Rs. 249

     Product Information:

  • Size of the magnet - 4".

  • No. of photos - 1.

  • Caption / message - 1 

  • Pictures can be mailed or shared on Whatsapp.

All you need to know about photo magnets!

Your loved ones! Your only constant. There isn’t a day when you don’t want to tell them how much you adore them, miss them and treasure their presence in your life. There isn’t a day when you don’t thank your stars for being blessed by their presence in your life. There isn’t a day when you don’t want to reach out to them to share your joys and sorrows.

Personalised Photo Magnets: Convey the Most Special Emotions Imaginable

Not every day however can we end up articulating what we feel for our folks! Let our personalised photo magnets do what you can’t do! Tell your family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend how special they are by gifting our personalised photo magnets. Customised photo magnets backed by personal messages are wonderful gift ideas meant to convey a special message to your peeps on a regular day (doesn’t necessarily have to be birthdays, anniversaries and likewise).

Take a look at the wide array of photo magnets offered by us and we can actually tell you that you’ll be elated by the sheer variety of work presented to you by us! Get a taste of our creative acuity as well! These magnets (like most of the gifts featuring in our portfolio) can be gifted to anyone you like.

Documenting Delightful Thoughts

The magnet personalised by you might be a quirky document of your son’s pranks or husband’s care or your daughter’s delights or wife’s consequential presence in your life. It can be anything you want to convey! Just spell your needs out to us and we’ll do the needful- i.e. present your emotions in the most touching manner imaginable. In fact, that’s exactly what we are known for!

Reach out to us for ideas and beautiful fruition of those ideas as well. Get in touch!    

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